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Most cemeteries in our area do a great job of maintaining the cemetery grounds that your loved one is in. But the individual grave site and any needed restoration and repair of the headstone or immediate area is typically the responsibility of a family member. Most people are not aware, but almost all Headstones are covered under your homeowners insurance policy?  Check with your insurance agent today for the details.

We have tried to come up with a good list of questions that we frequently receive - here is what we have so far - hopefully these will answer some of your questions. If not, please feel free to email or call us.


Isn't the cemetery responsible for the condition of my families gravesite? TOP

Cemeteries are responsible for the general condition of the cemetery grounds. They are required to maintain the grass to a respectable length and also trim around the trees and upright headstones. The condition of your monument or grave markers, unless broken or damaged by the cemetery themselves is the family's responsibility.


Should my monument or grave marker be maintained from the beginning of placement or should I wait until there is noticeable damage caused by the environment? TOP

We recommend maintaining your monument or grave marker from the day it is placed in the ground. General cleaning and polishing with the correct material will have your monument or marker looking it's best for many years and will reduce build up. If you wait for the environment to start eating away at the monument or marker, then decide to clean the monument or marker, the cost could be very expensive and the stone might never be the same as when it was new. We use only professional cleaners and have many strengths but we can not guarantee your stone to match it's original condition unless it is maintained from the day it was placed in the ground. Also, frequent cleaning, will not damage the stone.


Is it a good idea to clean a monument or marker with household cleaners, a power washer, harsh acids, or any other type of dangerous type product? TOP

You should never ever use a product that has not been proven to work on the type of material that you are cleaning. This could permanently damage the stone to a condition that is not reversible.


Will soap and water clean my stone to it's original condition? TOP

Soap and water is a good way to start but will never clean your monument or grave marker to it's original condition. You will need a professional cleaner in order to remove the deep stains.


Can a bronze marker be restored to it's original condition? TOP

Yes, the bronze markers can be restored professionally to it's original condition. This also depends if the bronze itself hasn't been tampered with. It there are nicks and chunks out of the bronze the answer is no, it can not be fully restored but the existing bronze can look like new again. See a Sample Pic of our work on bronze.


How long will it take for the service that I ordered to be completed? TOP

First, due to the large size of our service area, we cannot alwys do same day service. We will make all efforts to get your service completed as soon as possible. However, the location, the weather and products and equipment needed to complete the service will determine how soon we can get it done. We will make every effort to give you a reasonably good estimate of the time to complete the job when we book it.


Do you guarantee to restore my monument to its original condition? TOP

No one can make that guarantee. We have been trained and certified and are best euquipped to do the best possible job on your monument or marker. But we have seen some 200 year old sandstone monuments that we simply cannot do much with. We can fix the broken pieces (quite well), clean it and polish it. But letters that have long worn away cannot be restored. We are the ONLY licensed Grave Groomer in North Texas and the only one properly trained and insured to do this work reliably. We do make you this promise: We will tell you what we can and cannot do up front and then do all we can possibly do to do better than that!


Can you do markers and stones for my pet? TOP

While that is not our specialty, yes we can help in that area. Send us a general inquiry with your needs and we can work up a quote for you.

North Texas Grave Tenders LLC is an independent entity and is not affiliated or associated with any cemetery in which it does business. North Texas Grave Tenders LLC only operates with the approval of the cemetery in conducting its business for individuals which hire North Texas Grave Tenders LLC. In all circumstances, all rules and regulations of each individual cemetery along with all local, state and federal government will be followed by North Texas Grave Tenders LLC.

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