Monument Repair and Restoration (Large) - This is our most rewarding service that we perform. It is very sad to see markers or monuments damaged by time, weather, mowing services or vandalism. Regardless of how bad it may look, chances are very good that we can either fully or partially restore it to a good presentable condition. The cost for this service will depend on the size of the monment, the damage to be repaired, the type of tools required and the type of stone we are to work with. That is a lot of variables and an accurate quote without seeing it and examining it, is very difficult.

For this service, we typically take the monument apart and clean and restore/repair each piece separately. Then we rebuild it from the ground up, sealing each section as we build it up. We can level and raise it also under some conditions. If the foundation and base are made of sandstone, we may be limited as to what we can do without permanently damaging it. In all cases, you will know in advance what we plan to do.

This project was one of our bigger ones. The monument was about 6 foot long by 5 foot tall before a tree fell and broke the Italian marble inTO three pieces. It was irreplaceable to the family and the cemetery was prepared to scrap it. As you can see, not only did we get the 4,000 pound monument back together, we cleaned all the mold and dirt off of it also.


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